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Vampires In School, Part II

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Update: The vampire at the school has a name and a girlfriend. His name is Sylar. He lives under the school. Yesterday, at nap time, the vampire was lying next to Rollie and he bit him on the wrist. But Rollie didn’t feel it, because he doesn’t see or feel or hear the vampire; only Tony does. Rollie said it didn’t hurt and upon inspection, there was no obvious bite mark. Then to add to the story, Rollie reveals to me that Sylar has a girlfriend who lives with him under the school: Muchacha. Yep, her name is Muchacha. Like i could make this shit up.

Tony says that sometimes Sylar and Muchacha lie next to each other and kiss for a long time. Um, what the hell is going on over at Tony’s house?! Either way, Tony has an awesome imagination. And Rollie is either really great at suspending disbelief or really gullible.

Either way, I can’t wait to find out what the next chapter in the Sylar and Muchacha saga reveals! I’ll keep you posted.