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Taking Off the Training Wheels

In all the school speech hubbub of yesterday, I didn’t get around to posting what I really wanted to post: My baby boy learned to ride his bike without training wheels yesterday. My mom told me that I started wanting to learn to ride my bike at age four. She said all the older kids were riding theirs, and I… Read more →


Heartwarming Milestone: Rollie’s First Bottle of Robo!

Like those other milestones, “First trip to the Emergency Room,” or “First Projectile Vomiting Episode,” they are so precious. This morning, it was “First Call to Poison Control.” Rollie has a cold and cough. He often wakes up earlier than Todd and me, goes to the bathroom, and then plays in his room until the sun comes up. This morning,… Read more →

Tiller Turns Two

Dear Tiller,Today you turned two. We celebrated your party on Sunday. It was a Hello Kitty themed party. Aunt Lisa and Papaw Palmer couldn’t make it, but your Grandma Palmer was there, and also your Johnson Grandparents. Uncle Mark showed up, even though Aunt Lisa didn’t make it – I think he is either in love with you, or cupcakes.… Read more →

Back to School

I cannot believe that I dropped off my little Tiller for her first day of school today. Okay, not real school, but the Mommies’ Morning Out program. She goes Tuesdays and Thursdays for three whole hours. She was so excited to put on her big girl backpack. Keep your traps shut about the fact that it is Rollie’s hand-me-down backpack;… Read more →

A Couple of Firsts

Rollie had his first field trip today. I had my first experience chaperoning a group of three and four year olds. Me being in charge of a group of kids is kind of funny, as I think I still need a guide when I am out in public. I had total flashbacks of my middle school getting kicked out of… Read more →

Tiller: 17 Months

Tiller, you are 17 months, and I have been pretty bad about documenting your milestones. You started walking a while back and now you are on fire, hurtling forward so quickly on your not-so-steady feet that I fear you will fall face-first into whatever is in front of you. Sometimes you do, but often you recover, and I laugh at… Read more →

Same Old Same Old

Rollie came down with another ear infection last night. That makes, oh, the 4th or 5th one he has had since Thanksgiving. Poor little guy is piled up on the couch watching Cars and saying, “I’m a little bit sick,” every five minutes. Tiller woke up this morning walking! Last night when I left the house, she was still in… Read more →

The Little Champ

I forgot to document the girl’s fifteen-month stats: Weighing in at 26 pounds, 14.4 ounces (90-95%), measuring a lengthy 32 inches (90-95%), and with a noggin circumference of 46 1/2 centimeters (75-90%) . . .Welcome, the Tillah . . . the Thrillah-from-Manila . . . Matilda the Hon!!!! Read more →