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Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Cookout. Julie Merry in town. Haven’t seen her in ages. Much fun had by all. Adults got sloshy. Kids stayed up til after ten.

p.s. Happy fourth of july. I love that all the people I love are free to be the wonderful people they are.

Stone Mountain Picnic

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

God, I am behind, but wanted to post these pics from a picnic we did with friends. It was the day after my triathlon, and was for my college friend, Rachel. Rachel moved to Denver, and ended up marrying Robin’s friend from Boulder, Dave. It is a very small world, even without Facebook.

Lots of fun was had by all – I had forgotten how awesome Stone Mountain is. No, we didn’t stay for the laser show (too late for the kiddos), but that will need to be remedied soon, as Todd has never been. And that’s just wrong. I have heard it is not as far out as it used to be, which kind of sucks.

I went on a blind date to the laser show one time in high school. It was. . . interesting. I digress.

Also, anyone ride bikes out at Stone Mountain? Just curious. Have heard some do, but don’t know anyone who does. . . .

More photos on Flickr. . .

Drunco is Good For the Soul

Friday, April 24th, 2009

So, one of my favorite things about my new neighborhood is the Bunco (Drunco) group. About a month after I moved in, my neighbor Lauren invited me to sub for her Bunco group. I had heard about Bunco, but never played. I thought it was some stupid game that suburban moms play, a kind of modern-day Bridge club.

And it is. And now I know that my mom was having a damn good time at Bridge club!

It is a blast. You put in your ten bucks. You play a dice game as mindless as Three Man, during which you discuss how much you hate your kids’ teacher, how weird that one family down the street is, the naked guy who was hanging out in the local park, and a number of other subjects not appropriate for public consumption. They feed you appetizers and all the beer and wine you can drink. At the end, the winner is a winner and the loser is a winner, too! You stumble back down the block to your house. You are back in your bed by midnight on a school night. (At least, if you want to be. There were still a good number of folks hanging out when i left at Midnight!) Last night, we even all wore our PJs!

Most of all, you get to talk to an awesome and very diverse group of women, all of whom remind you that we are all just winging it, some seemingly more together than others, but winging it just the same. You realize that you are not alone in doing the hardest job in the world.

Added plus? One of my neighbors is the brother of my childhood friend, Leigh. His wife was hostessing, so Leigh was there, and I got to hang out with her, without kids, for the first time in. . . I cannot remember the last time I saw her without kids around. In PJs, no less.

Sitting On the Edge Of My Future

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

I am pretty sure that Facebook is slowly eating my blog. . . .

However, here I am. I have been scanning more old photos, and came across a great set of pics from college.


They are mostly from my college graduation. Here is the whole set on Flickr.

A few things that initially struck me about these:
I hated my hair.
We all smoked too much.
I was a stick, but i remember thinking i was fat.
Who, and i mean WHO, let me wear that ugly blue striped dress?
Girls wore a lot of long floral dresses back then.

The day of graduation is really fuzzy to me. I think Scott and I met some guy at the guy’s apartment for pre-grad festivities, which may have involved mimosas. It was nice and sunny. I have lost a great picture of me, Scott, and Katie sitting in the stadium. I loved it, and I cannot find that one. We all look very “The Future’s so Bright, We gotta Wear Shades” and i have lost it.

Some of the pictures are from post-graduation, waiting in traffic with my mom, dad, and sister. We were parked right across from Stedman (?), right near the dorms where I lived as a Freshman. (Give it up for Church!) Again, we smoked too much (except for Lisa, who never did.) I love that mom and dad look more proud of me graduating than i look. Now that i have children of my own, i can understand this.

The other pictures are from a graduation party that night at Scott and Zach’s house. I like that many of the folks in these pictures are still really good friends of mine.

The party itself is all a blur, but i know my family was there, which is strange. Honey came into town just to go to my graduation party (she had already graduated) and I love her for stuff like that. Later in the night, there were a lot of people up on the roof. Zach was my boyfriend at the time, and I made out with a completely different guy on the roof. Classy, i know. I still feel sick admitting that, but i guess maybe there is a ten year statute of limitations on cheating-on-your-boyfriend-on-his-own-roof-while-he-is-home-and-throwing-a-party-for-you situations*.

And this is me the next day:
It is me, with Honey’s boyfriend at the time, Luka, in front of my house off Milledge. I loved those red-tinted glasses i am wearing. I still have those Doc Martens and still wear them sometimes. I loved that little house. I was v. hung over in that picture, and my whole future loomed in front of me. I remember everything at that time seeming bigger than life.

It was like sitting on that front stoop on the day I moved away from Athens was just like sitting on the edge of my future.

*Please don’t hate me.