Stone Mountain Picnic

God, I am behind, but wanted to post these pics from a picnic we did with friends. It was the day after my triathlon, and was for my college friend, Rachel. Rachel moved to Denver, and ended up marrying Robin’s friend from Boulder, Dave. It is a very small world, even without Facebook.

Lots of fun was had by all – I had forgotten how awesome Stone Mountain is. No, we didn’t stay for the laser show (too late for the kiddos), but that will need to be remedied soon, as Todd has never been. And that’s just wrong. I have heard it is not as far out as it used to be, which kind of sucks.

I went on a blind date to the laser show one time in high school. It was. . . interesting. I digress.

Also, anyone ride bikes out at Stone Mountain? Just curious. Have heard some do, but don’t know anyone who does. . . .

More photos on Flickr. . .


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