Stone Mountain Sunday

It was, like, 67 degrees in Atlanta yesterday. Beautiful weather, and reminds me why I love the South. Shorts in January! I have been working and volunteering a LOT. Like, so much that i am burned out, my psoriasis is spreading due to the stress, and i have finally started saying, “I can’t do that.” […]

Continue reading → Yep, Tiller and the rest of us climbed Stone Mountain today. I had done it before, and it’s not that hard. But she’s four. I never had to pick her up or deal with whining once. We are calling her The Mountain Goat for her ability to pick her way over the rocks to […]

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Stone Mountain Picnic

God, I am behind, but wanted to post these pics from a picnic we did with friends. It was the day after my triathlon, and was for my college friend, Rachel. Rachel moved to Denver, and ended up marrying Robin’s friend from Boulder, Dave. It is a very small world, even without Facebook. Lots of […]

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