In the Garden

So, haven’t blogged about my garden much lately. I heart my garden – It is the best part of our move to the new house. For the two years that the old house was on the market, I barely grew anything in the garden. What was the point in creating a lot of garden infrastructure if I was going to move?

So, this spring, Todd and Rollie and I built a raised bed frame. So, we then took it out by the road. That is the only really sunny place in our yard, as we have HUGE old trees in the back. I love them. So, shade out back, sun in the front. I hope the neighbors don’t hate my garden right up by the road, but so far, the feedback has been positive.

We had a truckload of good soil dumped into it, and then I planted squash, cucumbers, tomatoes (including some odd ones: Lemon Boy, a yellow tomato; Mr. Stripey, a striped one; and and heirloom called Cherokee Purple), basil, bell peppers, oregano, cilantro, chives and parsley. I was so excited when I started getting blooms on my tomato plants.

And, oh God, the cukes have started coming in. We are eating cucumbers and onions in vinegar. Sliced cucumbers plain with salt, or in salads, or dipped in blue cheese dressing. The kids are loving them! They will eat sliced cucumbers as a snack. Amazing what a kid will eat if they see it growing in their own backyard. (Or front yard, as the case may be.) I even made a cucumber and radish relish. I gave cucumbers to my parents. To my inlaws. To the cool lady down the street named Harriet, who has an old Ford truck that I covet. She gave me Gardenias in exchange. I like that about my neighborhood.

And now the garden is going like gangbusters. Squash is coming in. And a buttload of tomatoes. Cukes. See all those yellow blooms? Each one is a cucumber in the making. I am going to die a sweet, sweet cucumber death!

This was all mid-month: Things have gotten wild out there in the last couple of weeks. I will keep you posted on ultra-important Dogwood Girl garden developments! I know you are on the edge of your seats.

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