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Forgotten Post: NC Girls’ Weekend

Not sure why, but I wrote this and forgot to publish it back in November! Do you have old friends that you still get together with for weekends here and there? About once or twice a year, I get together with some of my college roommates. I met them the first quarter I was in college at The University of… Read more →


A Shower for an Old Friend (and a New One)

Last night, Todd stayed with the kids and Camille picked me up to go to my old friend Kevin Fagan’s wedding shower. I have known Kevin since 5th grade (Mrs. Godwin’s class, represent!) and I can’t even do the math on that many years, but we went to elementary school all the way through college together. He is one of… Read more →

The Quarry and the Death of a Rock Star

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how The Georgia Guidestones were built in 1980, just 40 miles from Athens, and I have never been there, much less heard of them. I want to go as soon as possible. Totally cool story! Georgia’s granite is kind of interesting to me, too. I would love to see what Stone… Read more →

Well Worth Five Bucks

Masquerade Flyer Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl. I don’t know why i kept all this stuff. (Todd probably wonders why, too.) I am glad I did now. This was maybe 91 or 92. Smashing Pumpkins, Gish tour. Five bucks! Ah, the glory days. I think i saw this with Brantley and da Crease. Just thought i’d share, so my packrattedness… Read more →

Glory Days

Day before yesterday, the family and I had to make a detour from the lake to Athens on the way home; Todd had to return a bike that they didn’t use for a shoot last week, and so i called my friend Opel to meet us for lunch. We had the dog and kids with us, so Taco Stand (Milledge,… Read more →

Old Friends

Spent yesterday morning with my old friends Mike and Bryan and their families. Mike is an old high school friend, and Brian I met at Georgia. Mike has been living in the Netherlands for the past . . .four? years or so, but he and wife Kat and two boys are moving back to the states. We met at Mike’s… Read more →