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Photographic Black Hole for 90’s Music Lovers (of My Ilk)

Monday, February 27th, 2012

I don’t even know how I stumbled on this bunch of photos (mostly polaroids, for which i have a special weakness). It was one of those things where you click on a friend’s facebook link or Google something and find something unrelated but cool, go down a rabbit hole of interestingness, and find yourself sitting there an hour later wondering how you traveled time. Let’s just say that I finally had to cut myself off before I finished looking through them, because I had to go cook dinner. Because my kids are needy. Very needy. Why are they always asking me for things like food? Parenting is fucking hard.

The photos really, really make me wish I had taken more photos in my late teens/early 20s (but who had the money for that?), because I met lots of interesting people, and I would love to know if they really looked the way that they do in my mind today. Sure, few of my people were famous, like this guy’s, but more than the fact that it’s fun to gawk at famous rock stars (“famous,” again, to people who liked the same shit i liked), there is something about these photos as a collection that captures not just the individual faces, but the feeling of what it was like to be 20 during that time, and what people looked like to me.

It was a beautiful time for me. Terrible and beautiful. This guy captured the beautiful.


p.s. He also seems to like to take some photos of some random pretty young girls, which might border on slightly creepy, and there are some photos with boobs, so if you hate boobs/cleavage, etc, you might not even want to click. You’ve been warned.
p.p.s. The boob photos and the young girl photos are not the same photos.
p.p.p.s. Oh, hell, just go look.

Well Worth Five Bucks

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Masquerade Flyer
Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl.

I don’t know why i kept all this stuff. (Todd probably wonders why, too.) I am glad I did now.

This was maybe 91 or 92. Smashing Pumpkins, Gish tour. Five bucks!

Ah, the glory days. I think i saw this with Brantley and da Crease.

Just thought i’d share, so my packrattedness has some purpose in the world. This cool chick who lives out west somewhere wanted me to add some pics of mine a way back to a group she adminsters on Flickr called Generation X. We are contacts and I love her kooky photographs of her dogs. Like this one. Seriously. That picture just makes me laugh whenever I look at it. Without fail.

Anyway, just made me think i should blog about this.

Pictures Past

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Scott at The Austin Affair posted some old pics of us with Z and Ope. A great weekend, wherein we drove to Chapel Hill just to see Pavement, and once again, I am reminded that I should have worn some makeup every once in a while. Something about those pictures really capture the mid-90s for me.

Scott comments that it looks like Zach and i are fighting, but really, I am pretty sure that i was just looking like I normally did after spending hours in the car with these three. It took infinite patience and sense of humor to deal with these three on a road trip. Trust me.

Of course, I would love to be back in that car for just ten minutes today. Such good times.