I admit it; I Gained from Todd’s Tigers’ Loss This Past Weekend

I’m not exactly an SEC football expert. I’m also not really an expert gambler, although I do come from a family that loves to play games and wager – yes, Rollie will probably inherit his great-grandfather’s dice – no, i am not kidding, and a Grandma that wouldn’t let me win at Sorry!

But for fun, I decided to join the Georgia Sports Blog college football pick’em pool. And somehow, with a few unexpected wins this past weekend, I came up in the top five finishers for the week. (Two first place ties, and three tied for 2nd, so technically, i tied for 2nd.) I jumped from 258 overall, to 174. Not too shabby.

Although I do feel a smidge guilty for benefiting so greatly from the loss of my dear husband’s beloved Tigers.

p.s. Brett, did you do this? If so, who are you, and how are you doing?
p.p.s. The user “Dawgter Feelgood” cracks me up.


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