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Rambling Photo and Cemetery Family Post

Found this interesting photo of my grandmother Smith’s Uncle, Arthur St. Charles Dunstan, in the Auburn archives. He was a student at Auburn, when it was Alabama Polytechnic Institute (API), later became a professor of Engineering there, and then head of the Engineering department. There was a building there named after him, Dunstan Hall, for many years, but I believe… Read more →


And It Begins In Earnest

Since Mike felt comfortable enough with himself to post this photo on his blog, I feel confident that he will still be friends with me after I post another of him. Mike, not sure how I ended up with this, as I don’t remember knowing you in middle school, and I am pretty sure this was taken in Savannah. Anyway,… Read more →

Free Santa!

On Saturday, we took Rollie and Tiller to see Santa at St. Paul’s Methodist in Grant Park. Although I am unsure about my thoughts on God, I am sure about one thing; I love old, beautiful churches. St. Paul’s is really gorgeous, but in a lived-in, non-museum-like way. You actually feel welcome and warm when you are there. Santa was… Read more →