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Spring Break 2012

We did the Spring Break thing. A few days on Hilton Head (Todd had a shoot this week: Bad advertising world! Bad!) and then we did the lake for Easter with the whole family. About 24 hours of my family in one small 2BR lakehouse is all I can take, no matter how much I love them. I think this… Read more →

Evan’s Wedding

All joking about reading addictions aside, Evan’s wedding was a blast. Can you say Tiki bar? How about Shrimp and Grits? Not just seeing old friends, but getting to see them, without kids, for two days straight? My belly laughed like it hadn’t laughed in years – I was sore afterwards. (Or maybe that was all the waterlogged Flying Burritos… Read more →

Playing Catchup

I had no idea so many people actually READ what I was writing here, and I have been scolded up and down numerous times for not keeping updated. So, here goes. This will probably be very scattered and random, just like I have been feeling lately. Huntsville was fun, and I think my Cat-in-Law, Oscar, is probably out of therapy… Read more →