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Disjointed Beach Post

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Fair warning: This will be a very disjointed post. I’m all over the place this morning, with lots of little things to say and none of them important. (Self-promotion, you see, is not my strong point.)

We’re at Hilton Head for the weekend. Todd needed a bit of a vacation before he starts the new job in a couple weeks. I’ll hit the high points for you:

It’s supposed to be in the 80s all weekend and no rain.

I bought my first Disney Princess product for Tiller last night. For some reason, the Princess and the Frog seems less Disneyish to me, and really, that’s just because it’s all New Orleans and has an African American princess on it. I am not self-aware enough to know exactly what this says about me. Suffice to say that Tiller has new Disney “fwip fwops.”

The Fwip Fwop of My Discontent

Carrie, I passed that gas station where you felt pukey after girl’s weekend and I thought of you.

I had the grouper last night.

I never knew that one condo could contain this many lighthouses.

The buggies at Bi Lo have drink holders in them. Brilliant.

Drink Holders in the Buggies at Bi-Lo

Todd found the Holy Grail at a local restaurant. The cup. The Holy Grail of Au Jus.

We found the Holy Grail of Au Jus.

I miss my dog. Hilton Head is nice, and I love the paths running all over the island and the drive is much easier, but in Cape San Blas, I can sit on the beach with my best buddy. He is going to the lake with Aunt Lisa for the weekend, so he will be a happy camper and never miss me, but I miss him.