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The Creekers

The Creekers got together last night for a cookout. We had the usual fun, and we got to meet the newest Lil’ Creeker, Connor. (Not to be confused with honorary Creeker Conor the Elder.) Thanks to Dan and Wendy for hosting, and to Owen’s oldest, Ian, for making me feel like Betty Crocker and eating four helpings of my baked… Read more →


Nano Update

Well, I fell off the wagon a few days this week, but find that when I sit down to write, I am pretty damn fast at cranking this stuff out. I am at 32475, i think. Plenty of time left to meet my goal, and I honestly think this is going to go over 50,000 words. I am so glad… Read more →

We Always Thought . . .

That Ev. would end up with Judd. . . but we are very happy that it will be Kim. For information on this photo, and how it came about, please see the comments. Jason B. will have to explain the details of a wager that went horribly wrong for E. and J. All complaints about the posting of this photo… Read more →

Trivia Time

Slow day here for me. We are getting ready to go to the beach, and I just don’t have much interesting to say about my little old life. I just want to escape it with a bigass margarita in hand. I played trivia last night with some of The Creekers. Honorary Creeker, Camille was there, too. We are all heavier,… Read more →

My Boys

You know that show, “My Boys?” No, I didn’t either, until my outing with the Creekers, wherein almost every person there told me I would love the show. These days I actually have girlfriends (see Girls Gone Mild, for example), but growing up, with the exception of a few solid girlfriends like Karen and Camille and little Lisa, I hung… Read more →