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The Gulf

I watched my children play in the sand while a storm came in, never quite reached us, but left us a rainbow that spanned the trees and the beach and gulf, all the way to the horizon. I listened as my children discussed whether the pot of gold was in the forest or in the deep blue sea, and where… Read more →

We Always Thought . . .

That Ev. would end up with Judd. . . but we are very happy that it will be Kim. For information on this photo, and how it came about, please see the comments. Jason B. will have to explain the details of a wager that went horribly wrong for E. and J. All complaints about the posting of this photo… Read more →

Rollie of the Day

is_00039.jpg Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl. Another old picture of Rollie that just cracks me up. Yes, we were drinking beer while Rollie sat on the beach and ate some kind of seaweed. Good parenting. This was in Key West. I think later that night Rollie went to his first Fantasy Fest. . . maybe not the best idea for… Read more →