My Own Private Beach, Cape San Blas

Last night, I had one of those perfect moments. I was supposed to be sauteing mushrooms, but I realized it was almost sunset, so I walked down to the beach with my camera, leaving Todd grilling steaks while the kids played frisbee. It was just me, the birds, the dolphins, and the ocean. Not another soul on the beach. I stayed as long as I could before complete darkness settled over the beach and I would not be able to make it back on the narrow path through the dunes.
As I was walking off the boardwalk towards the house, I saw Rollie walking towards me. Todd had sent him to get me and tell me that I needed to help with supper. Over dinner, Rollie asked what I was doing on the beach. Was I taking pictures with my camera? I told him I was mesmerized by the the waves and the dolphins.


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