Nano Update

Well, I fell off the wagon a few days this week, but find that when I sit down to write, I am pretty damn fast at cranking this stuff out. I am at 32475, i think. Plenty of time left to meet my goal, and I honestly think this is going to go over 50,000 words.

I am so glad that i started this. It has given me a confidence that I have not had before.

And now I am going to go out and have fun tonight with people from high school – Very strange! And not embarrassing at all that i blogged about wanting to have sex with one of them in the middle of homeroom! Or that his fiance is coming! Or that Natalie might wear some ridiculous ensemble involving a hooker heels, egged on by Carrie, with Camille laughing all the while. I am sure there is little chance of the Roswell Police being called on us.

I am sure i will feel wonderful in the morning, just in time to go to a cookout with more high school people! Go Creekers!

Facebook is weird.

Oh, and i have a date on Sunday. With Edward. He’s very mature.

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