Art For Kids

This morning, I heard Todd and Rollie talking about one of Rollie’s paintings from school. We get about three per week. They are . . . interesting. I didn’t hear the whole conversation, but Todd came in with eyebrows raised, looking a little speechless, then asked if I had overheard what they were discussing.

“Rollie, come in here and show Mama your painting from school,” Todd said, staring at me eyes wide and unblinking.

“Look, Mama!” Rollie said, holding up the painting.

I could not discern what he was portraying in the painting. I was scared to ask what it was.

Todd said, “Tell Mama the name of the painting, Rollie,” keeping his voice calm and level, and somehow free of laughter.

Rollie beamed at me, holding it up higher for me to see.

“It’s Rollie’s Blood Monster!”

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