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What Happens When the Candy is Taken Away

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

We’ll get to that at the end, but I thought I’d post some pics of the kiddos and family at the lake for Easter weekend.

Oh, LeeLee. . .

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Look what one of those Kardashians named her kid!

Kinda like when we had Matilda and two weeks later, Heath Ledger and that Michelle girl had a baby and named HER Matilda. Evidently, though, most people still think it’s an ugly name, because it didn’t take off. Looks like Dash might be trendy now!

Baby names are fun!

Carnie Love Affair

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Dogwood Girl is not here. She renewed a love affair born early, a love of Tilt-A-Whirl stomach lurches, and Van Halen Himalaya rides. She and LouLou La Loush ditched their husbands and children and ran away with the carnival. They are carnies, now. They ride the Himalaya every night. They ride like the wind.

How My Favorite Nephew is Doing

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Kinda crappy. He’s only ten days old, Cosmos! Cut him some slack!

Rough weekend for sister and Company. Dash started throwing up his feedings (not just spitting up, but vomiting) so they called the ped and they sent them to the ER on Sat evening. They went to the ER and then they admitted him overnight.

They did an upper GI and an Ultrasound, i think. Possible culprits: cow’s milk allergy. They put him on alimentium formula for supplemental feedings, sis is still pumping like a Putnam County Dairy, and they are working on some BF issues today with the Lactation consultant. Might also be some kind of stenosis, which sounds like a blockage of some sort (no, I’m not a doctor, and neither are the three people I got this info from on the grapevine), but they can’t confirm it for a few more days, because they usually only show up at about 10 days old, so they will recheck with an ultrasound on Thursday to rule that out.

Also a possibility – reflux. They put him on the meds for that. (Forget what they are called. Doesn’t someone I know’s kid take something for reflux?)

Anyway, wanted to post an update, especially since some folks were asking how they were doing. Will keep you all posted. Baby and mom came home late last night, so the vomiting has stopped. I spent the night and took the late shift, which involved the usual newborn night activities: Changing diapers, wiping spitup, falling asleep on couch with baby on chest while watching bad 3 a.m. t.v. Just like the old days.

Lee, if you read this, i am waiting for the latest update, but didn’t want to call and wake folks.

Trivia Time

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Slow day here for me. We are getting ready to go to the beach, and I just don’t have much interesting to say about my little old life. I just want to escape it with a bigass margarita in hand.

I played trivia last night with some of The Creekers. Honorary Creeker, Camille was there, too. We are all heavier, balder, and grayer, but it is so comforting to be with people who have known you since before you quit wetting the bed. We used to play trivia together a lot more than we do now. I think we used to be better, too. We definitely used to drink more.

Anyway, Leelee was the big brain last night, but every decent trivia team knows that not only do you have to have people with vast trivial knowledge, but those people also have to be know-it-alls and push their right answers on the rest of the team. Lisa evidently still thinks that me and Ev are actually smart; I know good and well she has been there for much of my brain-cell-destroying activities, so Leelee, speak up. You were the smartest one there last night! Argue with us. We like it.

The first half of questions were easy peasy. We kinda tanked on the second half. Questions (paraphrased based on my patchy memory,) with answers to come tonight:

  1. On Family Feud, what did most respondents say is most often given to people in the hospital?
  2. What product uses the advertising phrase “Taste the Rainbow?”
  3. What movie did Tom Cruise have to learn Japanese sword-fighting and the Japanese language for?
  4. What major city does Logan airport serve?
  5. What sport did b-baller Joaquim (sp?) Noah’s father, Yannick, play?
  6. What hormone does the pancreas produce that lowers blood glucose levels?
  7. What talk show host is married to Marlo Thomas?
  8. What word, from the latin for “to entrust,” means to keep a jury in isolation?
  9. What jazz trumpeter was nicknamed “satchmo?”
  10. Halftime question:
  11. What four artists did the song, “That’s What Friends are For?”
  12. What Four Seasons song title came from a Clark Gable movie line?
  13. Which of the following is the Laker’s all-time top scorer? Kareem, Jerry West, or Magic Johnson?
  14. What branch of our military has a red stripe on their dress blues called a “blood line?”
  15. In the zodiac, what sign are you if you are born on Feb. 29th?
  16. On what continent is the Balkan peninsula?
  17. What ’92 movie had the tagline, “You’ll laugh, You’ll cry, You’ll Hurl?”
  18. What computer modeling program demo became famous after being featured on the tv show Ally McBeal?
  19. Which of the following had a number one hit in the UK with their song, “Cherish:” The Association, Kook and the Gang, or Madonna?
  20. Whose wife and daughter were killed in a plane crash, ironically, near Mt. Everest?
  21. Final Question:
  22. Of the ten top-grossing films of all time, which two are not sequels and do not have sequels?

Come on, smart people.