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Spring Break 2012

We did the Spring Break thing. A few days on Hilton Head (Todd had a shoot this week: Bad advertising world! Bad!) and then we did the lake for Easter with the whole family. About 24 hours of my family in one small 2BR lakehouse is all I can take, no matter how much I love them. I think this… Read more →

Our Vacay

Went to the lake for a week for Rollie’s spring break. I unplugged for a week – no internet for over seven days. That was kind of strange, but much-needed. We had a nice week, although we only had one warm day for the kids to play in the water before it turned freezing. So, to keep from getting bored… Read more →

Note to Self

Next time someone at the church preschool asks you to come help out tomorrow because they might need a few extra hands with both class pictures and the Easter egg hunt occurring on the same day, all somewhere between 9 a.m. and noon? Run. You will no doubt end up both running the whole Easter Egg hunt and being in… Read more →

How to Charm Annie

Dooce has this cute thing she calls “How to Charm Me.” I often think of things that the kids and husband do that are just downright charming and then I forget to share them. Not today! How Rollie charmed Annie today: Three year olds talk a lot. I mean a LOT. They pretty much wake up, walk out of their… Read more →