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Attention! Very Last-Minute Addition to my Christmas List!

I want, I need, I love this. I have to have it. This makes no sense unless you watch Friday Night Lights. It is my favorite show. I don’t currently really watch it, because we don’t have it because Comcast sucks donkey dongs. I don’t understand why, but it is on a channel that we don’t get, and so I… Read more →


A Solstice Story

As i mentioned briefly in another post, I have been a little stressed out. A little anxious. Todd and I decided to go to the lake this weekend to blow off some steam and relax. And by relax, I mean relaxing in the time-honored Palmer way, which is to work your ass off to near-exhaustion performing manual labor. We went… Read more →

Don’t Puppydog It

I have been putting this off. Every day since Pop died, I have thought about the fact that I haven’t written about it, and I have put it off another day. It has kept me up at night. Some nights it has almost made me sick. I know that it is normal to have some kind of delayed reaction to… Read more →

Memorial Day. Lake. Again.

We pretty much go to the lake every Memorial Day. Especially now that we have kids. It is free, sunny, and not home. Todd and kids with vintage Coleco Turtle pool (mine and Leelee’s as a kid). Yes, I watch too much Antiques Roadshow. Tiller and Rollie in Pool. If I could only get both of them to look at… Read more →

Our Vacay

Went to the lake for a week for Rollie’s spring break. I unplugged for a week – no internet for over seven days. That was kind of strange, but much-needed. We had a nice week, although we only had one warm day for the kids to play in the water before it turned freezing. So, to keep from getting bored… Read more →

Phew! I’m Back.

You might be wondering what happened to me. Spring Break happened to me. Rollie had a week off from school, so we took the kids and went to the Lake for a week. It was nice, at least for a day or two, then it was freezing. Anyway, we got back yesterday and I am just getting back into the… Read more →