Phew! I’m Back.

You might be wondering what happened to me. Spring Break happened to me. Rollie had a week off from school, so we took the kids and went to the Lake for a week. It was nice, at least for a day or two, then it was freezing. Anyway, we got back yesterday and I am just getting back into the swing of things, but thought I’d let anybody who cares know that I didn’t die or anything. I just spent a week with the family.

Oh, and I didn’t get on a computer for seven whole days. Kind of refreshing to remember what it is like to live unwired for a week. I read, I cleaned house. I took a few walks. I sat in the yard and watched the moon rise. I drank not as much as one might think I would.

Of course, it was so cold that I also watched a shit load of television and somehow got addicted to a show about working on Alaskan crab boats.

But no email. No cel phone. And I mostly listened to the radio, which might sound terrible, but the local station out of Eatonton, Georgia is about the funniest thing ever. The commercials star people’s grandchildren, like Lydia and Hannah (of “I’m Hannah, come see my Nana!” fame) and a commercial they play over and over for a butcher shop, I guess, with a theme song containing a chorus of “It’s the meats, It’s the meats, It’s because of the wonderful meats!!!!”

Good stuff. Anyway, I’m back and I’m overwhelmed. Laundry, email, getting Rollie to school, worrying about frozen plants. Mold on the bread when I’ve already promised the pbj. Crises of that sort.

Kinda missed this place.


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  1. Dorothy Gould
    April 10, 2007 at 12:35 am

    Annie, Let me just say, the mother in me (and maybe older sister as well) was a bit worried. It’s not like you to not update for over a week. Glad you are back, as I really enjoy reading your posts. The unplugging thing sounds nice, I may have to try it. The computer sure is a time drain for me…..

  2. Dogwood Girl
    April 10, 2007 at 12:58 pm

    Dorothy, thanks for noticing I was gone. You are right – it is definitely not like me. In addition to the vacation, I had some other stuff going on, and I was feeling pretty introspective, so the vacay was well-timed. I am back, though!

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