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More Toys of Christmases Past

I love my dad. Tonight, he got into the Scotch and started talking about “what he used to get for Christmas.” This involved thirty minutes, over and over, of him talking about his toy. A big tire, and a stick. He would get the big tire rolling, and then push it with a stick. On Stephenson Ave, in Savannah. It… Read more →


Don’t Puppydog It

I have been putting this off. Every day since Pop died, I have thought about the fact that I haven’t written about it, and I have put it off another day. It has kept me up at night. Some nights it has almost made me sick. I know that it is normal to have some kind of delayed reaction to… Read more →

A Few Things I know

My mama tells a good story. Coming from a long line of alcoholics makes for a much more interesting family history. Hearing that your distinguished ancestors broke their faces, pissed themselves, and liked to sing when they got drunk makes it feel like you are honoring them when you make an ass of yourself. You just don’t play the piano… Read more →

Bo Reincarnate

My Mom and Dad got a new dog. I knew they couldn’t hold out much longer. They have had a dog at all times for as long as I can remember. Going a year or more without one seemed so strange to me. Granted, they had Keeley and Bo for EVAH, and they they were completely a part of the… Read more →

Typical Tiller

Tiller is the kind of kid that yells out, “Mama, I’m stuck!” I walk around the corner to the entryway and see that she has put her head through the balustrade. She is on the first step, and crying her eyes out, and saying over and over, “Mama, I’m stuck.” My first instinct is panic. That is a lie. Panic… Read more →


It is very strange to watch the bonding experience between a 22-month old little girl, and a 91-year-old man. They don’t have a lot to talk about, and she can’t enunciate well, and he couldn’t even hear it if she did. They both like food. And they hug a lot, which is not at all how I remember my grandfather… Read more →

Smart Cookie

Husband goes out of town and, in excitement over evening of unadulterated control of television, Annie drinks a complete bottle of wine over the course of the evening. Very with it this morning at 7 a.m. when son pooped on potty (so proud!) and then came in and asked me to wipe his butt. Who needs coffee? Waiting for nap… Read more →


I come from some wild women. . . This was in my mom’s family photos. The photo says “Mother 1870,” but that seems a little early for this one, especially since the sign says something about auto insurance. Would love to be able to research the clothing to date it more accurately. We are also not sure who “Mother” is… Read more →