Playing Catchup

I had no idea so many people actually READ what I was writing here, and I have been scolded up and down numerous times for not keeping updated. So, here goes. This will probably be very scattered and random, just like I have been feeling lately.

Huntsville was fun, and I think my Cat-in-Law, Oscar, is probably out of therapy after living with the two Dementors for a couple of days. Hopefully, my SIL is also recovering from the nasty virus we unleashed on her. That will teach her to take us to the E Coli-infested Rosie’s Tacqueria! My only disappointment with the trip was that it rained every afternoon after I realized there was a cool-sounding hiking trail just minutes from their house, and I never got to check it out. Kudos to Madison, AL for setting aside what sounds like a lovely greenspace.

I am still enjoying what any sane person (read: Non-History Nerd) would find the very boring, The Stevenson Story, a history of the town of Stevenson, Alabama. If only every county I am researching had commissioned such a thorough and engrossing history of their area. Most fun discovery: Early pioneer ancestors – Total rolling stones! Lived in four states! Least heartening discovery: They totally stole that land from the Indians.

Uh, let’s see. When last we left off, I was leaving for Hilton Head with the other Moms. You can read Nat’s very detailed summary at The Negative Split, but let me sum it up. Margarita, beer, sun, vodka, raw oysters and steamed crab (Dad, you were right: I am still going to eat crab, even after watching latest guilty pleasures The Deadliest Catch). 80’s music, dancing, drunk dialing (not me!), tequila rape (if Nat ever approaches you with a coffee cup and a lime, run for your life), puking hangover, recovery, turkey sandwiches made the right way, US Weekly, choked-down first beer of the second day, and uh, trivia and psychology do not mix. I am the Queen of Fraggle Rock, motherfuckers! Hmmm. . . what else. A nice run. A gator will scare you past the blisters. Beach until the lightning strikes and the lifeguards order your [very sober] asses out of the water. Makeovers, and photo shoots, dinner with the drunks, including the New York Jews (their term, not mine), and the unfortunate sinking feeling upon realization that the nice older couple sitting next to us during our drunken, raucous dinner are actually old friends of the family, and the parents of my cousin’s best friend. Managed to keep them distracted while Natalie had herself thrown out of the restaurant (see pics on The Negative Split). More drunkenness and a much more manageable hangover the following day. If anyone reads this who knows Chris Herron, I need his email address, as we ran into someone he knows. Said person gave me coffee and bagel and I love him for that. Last thoughts: Dublin, GA sucks. So does the Claxton exit. Regrets: None, other than not getting photo or better, video, of Carrie dry-heaving at gas station. Good times.

Natalie, as you can see, I did not post awesome picture of your bare ass in the alley, but I am tempted, so if you get a wild hair, let me know, and it might even get it’s own post.

Let’s see, what else. Am being good with diet and exercise and lost six pounds last week. Fucking miracle, or at least probably a water weight miracle, which is like, totally recognized by the Pope.

Ooooh, and my sister gots herself a little lovebug at the Humane Society yesterday. Emily is smallish, cute, and wire-haired. I tried to steal her when I left Lisa’s yesterday, but was caught at the door. Will be trying again today when they visit. Will also post pics of her majesty when they become available. Cannot wait to humiliate her by making her wear outfits. I myself did not leave with any four-leggers, despite the admirable efforts of cute dog-loving Humane Society worker who put the hard sell on me with the Dog of the Week, despite my truthful protestations that if I bring another being into our (love-filled) household, my husband will force me to give an existing pet or child up for adoption. Cute Dog Guy’s suggestion? Get rid of Husband. So tempting, but he has finally learned that the way to my heart is through unloading the dishwasher on occasion, so I am going to keep him around for a while.

No trips planned for the foreseeable future, so you just might see more of me in the coming days.

Oh my God. I am old and boring, but you are up-to-date.


  4 comments for “Playing Catchup

  1. atlkortez
    July 24, 2007 at 4:33 am

    old and boring,,,, hardly. Try waiting for you to post something everyday and then emailing you to see if things were alright. Now that’s old and boring. Of course the 6 week old kind of keeps me busy.

  2. Steph Bachman
    July 24, 2007 at 10:34 am

    Whatever. Any post with bare asses, dry heaving and makeovers has already risen WAY over the boring threshold. I’m sad to have missed the fun!

  3. Lyle
    July 24, 2007 at 3:55 pm

    Oscar seems to have recovered from the recent trauma. He is no longer blinking out “S.O.S.” when we find him hiding under the bed. It will also not surprise you to hear that I didn’t know about that hiking trail, even after living here for fourteen years. I suppose we should check that out sometime (in the next ten or fifteen years, I mean).

  4. Dogwood Girl
    July 24, 2007 at 5:20 pm

    LOL – Sorry to have worried anyone with my absence. Steph, you missed out, and you were missed. Lyle – Poor Oscar. And how did you not know about the trail? There are signs for it all along the main road in front of your neighborhood! I am going to check it out next time.

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