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What’s In a Name?

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

“Mama?” Tiller said, putting her head on my shoulder as we sat on the couch, her watching Mermaidia and me reading a book.

“Yes, Baby?” I said, turning to look at her, eye to eye.

“What’s your name?”

“Anne. My name is Anne.”

“What’s your other name?”

“You mean my middle name?”

“Yeah. Your middle name.”

“My middle name is Dunstan.”


“Dunstan. Anne Dunstan Palmer.

“What’s Dunstan?”

“It was my Grandma’s maiden name. Her last name, before she was married. Like mine was Palmer before I married your Daddy. She was Vivian Arenda Dunstan.”


She sat thinking for a second.

“So, she was my great grandmother.”

“Yes. Yes, she was. Your Grandma Palmer’s mother. She died before you were born, though. But you would have loved her. And she would have loved you very, very much.”

“How come?”

“Because she and I loved each other very, very much. She was so much fun. She taught me to play cards, and Sorry, and build card houses, and to dance the Charleston. She liked to watch The Price is Right with me, and I Love Lucy. And she had the best laugh ever.”

“I wish I could have met her.”

“I do, too, baby. I do, too.”

Amazing that talking to my baby girl about my Grandma can make her seem like she is almost here. I can almost imagine her sitting here with us right now. And it sure does make me miss her, even almost 20 years later. We loved each other very, very much.

Grandma and Me, 1972

Arthur Dunstan at Auburn: A Followup

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Well, since discussing it with my brother-in-law, Lyle, I looked into the Dunstan Hall and Arthur’s time at Auburn a bit more. . .

Here is an Auburn Engineering magazine article with a mention and photo of Professor Dunstan:

Professor Dunstan and his class

Professor Dunstan and his class

and another:

I believe this is him in the doorway, back row, with the cute mustache, too.

And here:

So, there you go. . .

Rambling Photo and Cemetery Family Post

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Found this interesting photo of my grandmother Smith’s Uncle, Arthur St. Charles Dunstan, in the Auburn archives.
He was a student at Auburn, when it was Alabama Polytechnic Institute (API), later became a professor of Engineering there, and then head of the Engineering department. There was a building there named after him, Dunstan Hall, for many years, but I believe they may have renamed it.

His brother, my great-grandfather, was John Harris Rowe Dunstan. He also attended Auburn. Arthur, and their mother, Medora Louis Hall Dunstan, are buried in Pine Hill Cemetery in Auburn. It still blows my mind that the after party for my wedding was walking distance from the cemetery where my dear Grandma’s own Grandmother, whose Civil War stories of Fredericksburg were handed down in the family, is buried, and I never knew it until years later. From Fredericksburg my line went, through Lee and Chatham county NC, to St. Tammany Parish, LA, and Chattanooga, TN to my parents having me in Atlanta, and me meeting a boy from Auburn, and ending up in that cemetery where my Grandmother’s grandmother is buried.

Think I might go visit old Medora in a couple weeks. See how she’s doing.

John Maghetti

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

I mentioned that we were having John Maghetti for dinner the other night when we were at the lake, and someone asked me what it was. It is one of those mythical Dunstan recipes that my Mom learned from her mom and my Aunt Dot. Which means that it’s easy, cheap, fattening comfort food. Much like the fabled No Peekie.

Ground beef
egg noodles
can of tomato soup
block of cheddar cheese

  1. Cube cheddar cheese.
  2. Cook noodles.
  3. Brown ground beef. (I supposed you could sub turkey for this.)
  4. Dump in a bowl together.
  5. Pour in a can of condensed tomato soup. (You can put two cans, depending on the amount of noodles and beef you prepare.)
  6. I top with some shredded cheese.
  7. Bake covered at 350 until hot (about 25 minutes). Then uncovered til cheese is gooey and melty on top.

Yum. And my kids like it! I love some stealth tomato trickeration.

Dunstan Family Reunion, 2009

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

The elder Dunstan cousins.

The elder Dunstan cousins.

We had our Dunstan family reunion yesterday at my cousin Jenn’s house in Roswell. She had a pool, so it seemed logical to have it there. The food was awesome, the pool was fun, and it is always great to see the family. Wish I wasn’t so distracted by the children. I would have loved to sit around and talk and drink with the cousins.

Yes, this is the drinky side of the family. Also smoky. Cardplaying. Gambling. Cussing.

Pretty sure I come by this stuff honestly, folks.

More pics on my Flickr.