Free Santa!

On Saturday, we took Rollie and Tiller to see Santa at St. Paul’s Methodist in Grant Park. Although I am unsure about my thoughts on God, I am sure about one thing; I love old, beautiful churches. St. Paul’s is really gorgeous, but in a lived-in, non-museum-like way. You actually feel welcome and warm when you are there.

Santa was upstairs in a back room and you had to wait in a not-too-long line to see him. The line wrapped out the door and down the stairs. Rollie and tiller were excellently-behaved, much to my surprise; I guess they were mesmerized by all of the other kids. Living in East Atlanta, I often feel cut off from other people with children, until we attend something like this Santa event. Then I realize just how many young children are living and being born here and I realize that in ten years, this will probably be a really family-friendly neighborhood, and a great place to raise kids. I sometimes wish that I had the confidence to make my children urban pioneer children, working to make the schools in this area better, but I just don’t think that is going to happen, nor do I think I am the Mom to attempt it. I just don’t want my precious little ones to be guinea pigs in an experiment that might fail. Selfish, I know, but also my decision and we are the ones responsible for their educational raisin’, as they call it here in the South.

I digress. We finally entered the Santa room, and then rounded the corner, where we could actually see Santa. He was a great-looking Santa in a traditional Santa suit with the belt and all. He had his own Santa chair and a Christmas tree and we were allowed to take pictures with the digital camera for free, which is really more in the Christmas spirit than those mall Santas. Plus, less waiting in line.

When it was our turn, Rollie hopped up in his lap without hesitation (unlike last year – tears and more tears, making for hysterically funny Santa pics) and told him what he wanted for Christmas (choochoos and cars). We snapped some pictures of them together, then threw Tiller up with them. She was surprisingly good, too, and in fact just seemed enthralled with his beard and stared at him. We had a hard time getting both of them to look at the camera, and of course, our camera acted up throughout, so the shots aren’t great. But hey! They are free!

Cheap Santas are great. Free Santas are the best.

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3 Responses to “Free Santa!”

  1. Steph Bachman says:

    Great photos and red shoes. Tiller seems to get bigger by the minute!

    On the God thing, I think everyone doubts. Religion and God hold different comforts for different people (some people do church for the spiritual, some the theology, some the community, some the ritual, some the show) so maybe your enjoyment of the church itself is a reflection of what it holds for you (whatever that is).

  2. Big Mama says:

    I adore the first picture of Rollie and Santa looking at each other. It’s like they’re sizing each other up.

  3. Nat says:

    When Beau saw the first picture he incredulously asked “Is that me Mama?”
    No buddy. That is your pal Rollie and his sister.
    Awww, he said disappointedly.

    And then he was really excited that he at least knew Rollie.
    “That’s my firend Mama! Rollie’s my friend!” he proudly proclaimed.

    And I could see the wheels in his little head spinning: I know Rollie. Rollie knows Santa. Santa has toys. This is good business. Rollie can help me get more toys.

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