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Ham Lincoln

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Tiller: let’s play the guessing game . You go first.
Me: okay. What are the rules?
Tiller: you can say a person. Or an animal. But not a food.
Me: Okay.
Tiller: but it can be a person with food in their name. Like George . . . I mean, abraHAM Lincoln.

Fairies in the Manger

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

The other night, Todd and Rollie left for Boy Scouts and Tiller and I were still at the dinner table talking. She was telling me how she had her feelings hurt because Vivian and Anna both got to be Mary when they played manger, and she did not get a turn. I was amazed that she really knew about the manger and Mary. Upon further questioning, she also knows what a manger is, who is in the manger (Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus), and that there were animals all around, because there “was no hotel.”

Me: “Didn’t some other people come to the manger?”
Tiller: “Yes. The wise men, and the fairies.”
Me: “The fairies?”
Tiller: “Yes, the fairies come to see the Baby Jesus.”
Me: “Honey, I think you mean the Angels.”
Tiller: “Oh, yes! They have wings like fairies!”


Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

I was tucking Tiller in tonight and she called out to me. “Mama! Come close my closet door!”
I sighed, went back in, like every other night I tuck her in, and closed the closet door.
“Why do you want me to close the closet door?”
“It scares me.”
“Why does it scare you? You know there is nothing in your closet that will hurt you, baby.”
On second thought: Mentally picturing closet in Poltergeist, momentarily considering telling her, “well, there might be something in there,” thinking of my closet in Roswell, the one that I did not leave open at night until . . . ever.
“Okay, baby, it’s closed. But there’s nothing to worry about.”
“Will you close my books, too?”
Her bookshelf has doors, and three shelves. The top two shelves hold books. The bottom shelf is where we fold and store her PJs and nightgowns.
“Sure baby. You know there is nothing in there either, though.”
“I know, Mama. Just sometimes it looks like people are in the clothes.”


She Cracks Me Up

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Tiller: “Can we eat out?”
Me: “No. But we will probably eat out tomorrow before Rollie’s game.”
Tiller: “Can we have S&S?”
Me: “Well, i guess so. I was thinking Jason’s Deli, but we could do S&S instead.”
Tiller: “Okay, well, let’s agree.” [Her head nodding affirmatively, palms face up, and out to the side.]
Me: “Good idea.”

Tiller’s Latest Song

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Rollie likes to invent wind machines to scare people. Tiller likes to make up songs. I am not kidding when I say that my jaw often drops at the inventiveness of her lyrics. This latest song was performed on my patio yesterday afternoon. I missed the first few lines, but todd and I are getting better at catching her songs on the Voice Memo app on our iPhones.

To set the scene, she is standing on the brick wall beside our patio. Dash and I are sitting below, and she has her arms stretched out wide and is making eye contact with us as she belts these out, like she was some banshee Julie Andrews character. When she discusses that she is going to do something, she is referring to jumping off the wall and flying like a bird. The breathless part of it is her jumping off then climbing back up.

This all started when she told me that she had jumped off the wall earlier and she thinks she “might have flown up a little bit.”

These children, so very different, absolutely rock my world. Even Rollie, whom i overheard tell Todd as I was leaving for my run tonight, “I hope she doesn’t come home.” I mean, what an ass – I just finished cooking his dinner and then doing the dishes. And yet i love him anyway.

Yes, my feelings were hurt. Doesn’t happen often, but it happened.

Cotton Candy Clouds

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Tiller: “Mama? Are the clouds flat?”

Me: “Flat?”

Tiller: “Yeah, flat.” She lies on the couch and points up. “Like the ceiling.”

Me: “Um, well, no, they are kinda poofy.”

Tiller: [Face lighting up with joy and recognition.] “Oh! Like cotton candy!”

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I Think It Smells Like You

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Tiller to me, just now, nose wrinkled:

“Mama, I smell something bad.”

“What is it baby?”

“I think it smells like you.”

Nobody’s getting a big head around this place. . . .

Tiller Tonight

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

“Mama? See that shadow over there? By my CD player? It looks like Darth Vader.”

Geez. Way to creep me out, Tills. Wait till I am under my covers before you say stuff like that.

Possibly Not the Domestic Goddess

Friday, June 5th, 2009

. . . that I think I am.

I was cooking dinner last night (ahem, mac and cheese) and was boiling the macaroni, when the pot boiled over. (Or, “balled” over, as my Daddy with his Savannah accent would say. He also says “aygs” for eggs, “all” for oil, and “tin fall” for tin foil.) Tiller was in the kitchen with me and as the pot boiled over, she looked at me, shaking her head as if in disgust, and said, “That always happens.”

Night before last, our babysitter Rebecca got to the house, and I was dressed and saying good night to Tiller. She hugged me then pulled back to study my face, as if seeing me for the first time.
“Mama, what’s wrong with your eyes?”
“Um, that’s makeup baby.”

She keeps me honest, that one. No thinking i am a beautiful domestic Goddess with her around.

Well, that just makes perfect sense.

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

“Mama, will you help me get an orange shirt?”
“I would like to go on the rocketship, and land on a cloud and then walk to the store.”
Tiller just looks at me expectantly.
“So, what do you need the shirt for?”
“Because my brother said we could only go if we have orange shirts.”
“Well, let’s get you an orange shirt, shall we?”