Tiller’s Latest Song

Rollie likes to invent wind machines to scare people. Tiller likes to make up songs. I am not kidding when I say that my jaw often drops at the inventiveness of her lyrics. This latest song was performed on my patio yesterday afternoon. I missed the first few lines, but todd and I are getting better at catching her songs on the Voice Memo app on our iPhones.

To set the scene, she is standing on the brick wall beside our patio. Dash and I are sitting below, and she has her arms stretched out wide and is making eye contact with us as she belts these out, like she was some banshee Julie Andrews character. When she discusses that she is going to do something, she is referring to jumping off the wall and flying like a bird. The breathless part of it is her jumping off then climbing back up.

This all started when she told me that she had jumped off the wall earlier and she thinks she “might have flown up a little bit.”

These children, so very different, absolutely rock my world. Even Rollie, whom i overheard tell Todd as I was leaving for my run tonight, “I hope she doesn’t come home.” I mean, what an ass – I just finished cooking his dinner and then doing the dishes. And yet i love him anyway.

Yes, my feelings were hurt. Doesn’t happen often, but it happened.

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2 Responses to “Tiller’s Latest Song”

  1. Uncle Lyle says:

    Tiller’s Papaw Johnson had told us about her songs and how creative they were, but I’d never heard one before so I figured it was a little bit of the grandparent reality distortion field at work. She really is good.

    Moreso than the words, I’m interested in the melodies she’s coming up with. Do you ever recognize them (the tunes) from other songs she’s heard, or are do they seem to be original? She has some really interesting little phrases in this song.

  2. leelee says:

    That’s so mean! Poor Annie…

    Btw, Tiller is going to be a mega star and put us up in the nicest old folks home ever!

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