Fairies in the Manger

The other night, Todd and Rollie left for Boy Scouts and Tiller and I were still at the dinner table talking. She was telling me how she had her feelings hurt because Vivian and Anna both got to be Mary when they played manger, and she did not get a turn. I was amazed that she really knew about the manger and Mary. Upon further questioning, she also knows what a manger is, who is in the manger (Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus), and that there were animals all around, because there “was no hotel.”

Me: “Didn’t some other people come to the manger?”
Tiller: “Yes. The wise men, and the fairies.”
Me: “The fairies?”
Tiller: “Yes, the fairies come to see the Baby Jesus.”
Me: “Honey, I think you mean the Angels.”
Tiller: “Oh, yes! They have wings like fairies!”

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2 Responses to “Fairies in the Manger”

  1. Lyle Johnson says:

    When our oldest niece was just a kid, she was investigating a little nativity scene and so we asked her if she knew who the people were. She started out, “That’s Baby Jesus, that’s Mary, that’s Joseph…”, paused for a moment, and then gesturing the other attendants, “… and that’s everybody else.”

  2. Dogwood Girl says:

    I think I remember that story, Lyle. . Funny!

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