Restaurant Suggestions

So, Todd wants to take me out for my birthday dinner. Suggestions? What are your favorite restaurants?

Yeah, i don’t get out much, i guess. Help a loser out.

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4 Responses to “Restaurant Suggestions”

  1. slp says:

    if you like italian, you should try this quaint little place called the olive garden.

    but you may want to try this guy’s place:

    happy birfday!

  2. Steph says:

    French American Bistro (FAB) is really, really good. They had a cool bar, too. Make sure you get the potato dip – to. die. for.

  3. Dogwood Girl says:

    Scott, Woodfire Grill is awesome. I was hoping to go somewhere I haven’t been, though. By the way, still plugging through the Merge discs. Enjoying the heck out of them.

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