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Rollie Looks Into a Wardrobe (with Lucy, of Course)

Last night, Rollie chose a kids’ version of one of the Narnia Chronicles (the kids’ books are called “World of Narnia”) for Todd to read to him and Tiller. It is called Aslan, and Todd just said that it was “very abridged.” After school, I let Rollie play some xBox, since it is friday, and he kept his four scoops,… Read more →


Bossy and Stubborn

This story will not surprise anyone who knows Rollie and me well. Rollie and I? We are just alike in so many ways. We can be a little intense. Focused to the point of obsession about things we enjoy doing. (God forbid you ask us a question while we are reading.) We don’t like to be told what to do.… Read more →

Yo La Tengo, Beer, Me, Me, Me.

So, Todd is in NYC all week for work, and he gave me the afternoon off yesterday, so that I could have kid-free time before the week kicks into gear. I rode down to L5P with neighbor Scott and his friend Seth. Ah, the glamour of arriving anywhere in a minivan. Nothing like it. We proceeded to Criminal Records for… Read more →

Best Month EVER!

If you read Dogwood Girl very often, you know my summer has sucked ass, pretty much from the end of May (Dad had heart surgery), into June (Pop went downhill fast and was in hospice), into a fucking awful July (Pop died), and then in August, I had a little cancer scare, which I haven’t talked about, but will now.… Read more →

!Outlander Graphic Novel!

So anyone who knows me or reads Dogwood Girl knows that I seriously heart Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series of books. You know the Twilight series? I was pretty addicted. I am ten times more addicted to Outlander than Twilight, and these are actually smart and well-written! Well, it seems that Gabaldon is doing an Outlander graphic novel, loosely following events… Read more →


Kind of. . . My IBook just doesn’t seem to want to turn on. I am posting from Todd’s today. Not sure when I will be back online, but I have an appointment at the Apple store later to check out the problem. Me: “Can we afford that?”Todd: “It’s cheaper than therapy for you.” Good point. In case you’re wondering,… Read more →

In the Principal’s Office

I registered Rollie for school yesterday. I had met his pre-K teacher at the open house in May, and I liked her very much. Yesterday, when we went in the office, there was only one other family (incidentally, a little boy who will also be in Rollie’s class). The Principal was working the office and he remembered me from the… Read more →