39 Weeks, 4 Days

I had my weekly appointment this morning. I have been having some stronger BH, lots of pelvic/rectal (TMI?) pressure, the occasional shooting pelvic pain, and some stronger, almost painful contractions, so I decided to let them check me. (They ask you if you want to anytime after 37 wks and i normally refuse, but this time i felt like maybe something was actually happening.

So, i am “really soft, dilated about a 1.5 to 2, but a 3 on the outside of the cervix. This one was new to me – I asked her how the heck i could be a 3 on the outside, but a 1-2 on the inside. She explained it as the inner part of the cervix’s cone shape being a 1-2, but the outside being at a 3. Whatever. Sounds like false hope to me!

She really dug around in there (owie) to “stir the pot” but did not strip the membranes. There was plenty of blood and mucous when she pulled out the glove and she told me to “expect some more” – which i would anyway having had my cervix mauled today.

She asked about my last pg (did i go overdue – yes, and was induced 8 days later for low amniotic fluid) and she said, ‘well, hopefully we will avoid that this time.” I told her i was definitely feeling more action down there than I did with my first pg (where i felt NOTHING). She said that, and the softness of my cervix were really good signs, so maybe I’d be having the baby this weekend. I told her I’d get my hopes up when I saw the head coming out of my vagina. She said “you’re definitely getting ready for it down there.” Way more promising than i would have hoped. But i am still not getting my hopes up.

Finally, i read my chart on the way to the checkout desk, and i have trouble reading their writing, but i believe that it said that i was 1-2cm dilated, 50% effaced. Everything else seemed normal – bp, urine, weight gain, etc. No swelling.

I sure am having a lot of cramping now, but i am sure that is from the cervical check.

Anyway, if nothing happens this weekend, i will be back in there on Tuesday at 40 wks, 2 days. Ugh.


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