40 Weeks, 1 Day, One Crazy

That’s me. The Crazy.

Well, I had my internal on Thursday. She said, “Maybe we’d see each other at the hospital this weekend.” Right.

All day Friday and Saturday, I had more of the brown discharge. On Saturday after seeing Serenity, I had a little bit of stringy mucous. Saturday night, i had the most painful contractions i had had yet, but they only lasted a couple hours and then peetered out.

Yesterday morning, I woke up, had a cup of coffee and went to the bathroom to find what was undoubtedly my mucous plug – it was HUGE and had plenty of dark red to brown blood in it. Since then, I have had plenty of back ache, groin pain, Braxton Hicks, and some diarreah off and on, but no real contractions.

This morning, I had another large gob of bloody mucous. More brown discharge. Cramping, aches and pains, etc, but nothing LABORLIKE.

I am getting very impatient.

P.S. Just be thankful I am not posting a picture of the mucous plug. Todd had to look at it.

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