A Sloan Kind of Morning

SloanI’ve been listening to so much sad and melancholy music this year, but I think I’m pulling out of it. Not that I will ever stop, because I love the sad and melancholy beauties more than any of the others, but I hear variety is also supposed to be good.

A few things have been a catalyst for this . . . 

1) A momentous dinner at our local mexican restaurant:

R: “Mom, will y’all make me a heavy metal playlist.
Me: [sitting up, all ears] “Like what?”
R: “Black Sabbath.”
Me: [glancing at Todd, with tears in my eyes and wordless acknowledgment that this is one of our finest parenting moments ever] “Yeah, buddy. We can do that.”
(I know, metal is not pop, but it IS fun. Todd ended up doing a good job of picking some remotely appropriate ones for a 12-year-old.)

2) Duran Duran and The Cure tickets procured, thus making me feel a childlike giddiness. The Cure can be poppy. Sometimes. Kinda.

3) The fact that at some point you have to say to yourself ‘fuck this shit, it’s all going to be okay,” and stop being depressed, and just start listening to Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ on repeat with your kid (his personal fave right now).

So, I’ve been slipping more fun stuff back into rotation. Today, I put on this t-shirt and then randomly heard “G Turns to D” (a pretty damn near perfect pop gem in my book) and I hereby declare this a Sloan morning, starting with Twice Removed, natch. (Ah, the memories – Darts and beer at the Pulaski Heights house, c. 1994.)

Oh, and one more thing. I am going to try to post here on Dogwood Girl (and Twitter and Instagram) more often, instead of the rambling rants and missives I put on Facebook. I love the interaction there, but i miss having most of my writing in one central space. And I’ve had this space for – wow – 11 years. I miss my daily writing practice and the satisfaction and happiness that I always feel, when I’ve put thoughts and memories into writing, that even the small things are worth writing about.

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4 Responses to “A Sloan Kind of Morning”

  1. Seth says:

    Now I’ve got to figure out why Navy Blues isn’t in my iTunes library. Thanks for the musical nudge.

  2. Dogwood Girl says:

    Get on it. (And no problem.)

  3. Becky says:

    Yep, sometimes you just reach a point where you say ‘fuck this shit’ and move on. It’s good to hear you’ve reached that point.
    And congrats on the metal win. My girl went through her metal phase a few years ago (it was definitely early thanks to a friend who hula hooped to “Crazy Train” at the school talent show) and currently is going through a more hippie inspired phase thanks in part to her watching the live stream of this summer’s Dead shows with us.

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