• It was huge. Tried multiple times to get a good shot of her, but she was not very photogenic.

    It is very cool. Need to go back out and see if she is still there.

  • I think it is the same! From your buddy’s blog:

    “Anyway, it didn’t take long before I figured out exactly what kind of spider I was dealing with. The bright yellow body and the way she sat upside down were good clues, but more telling was the zigzagging webbing pattern. My little gal is a common black and yellow garden spider, also known as an argiope. They show up in the fall and tend to die soon before or after the first freeze *sticks tongue out at hubby*. They’re non-threatening to humans and are really good for the garden – though after all the mosquito bites I got on Monday she wasn’t doing her job that well.”

  • Mine also had the prominent zigzag. And like in her picture, there was a little wrapped up cocoon thing in her web. I watched her making it! I am not clear on if she was wrapping up her prey to save for later?

    VERY cool.

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