I love her

I watched as Tiller took off full-throttle downhill to the bus stop. Then something caught her eye in the neighbor’s yard, so she darted over to it. She bent over. Picked something up. Stood up, holding a stem with dandelion seeds at the end, then blew them as hard as she could. Watched them fall to the grass, dropped the stem, and then turned around and ran, full-throttle once again, down to meet her brother.

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  1. Steph says:

    This is not appropriate to the current post (or maybe it is), but I heard this guy on the radio last night and he read part of the first page of his book. It is about parenting and I think I’d like to read it:


  2. Dogwood Girl says:

    I had no idea that Freedom is supposed to be about parenting. . . He was the keynote speaker at the Decatur Book Fest last week. . . . Not to mention on the cover of time as a “living great american writer” or whatever. . . He’s also the one that dissed Oprah’s Book Club.

  3. he’s also the center of the Franzenfreude debate/debacle

    LOVE hearing about the tiller. She and Willy need to get together. it may open up a vortex, but it would be cool!

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