I haven’t posted about it in a while, but dang, I heart Goodreads. Love that it’s free, love seeing what my friends are reading, love following authors, love taking the quizzes, love cataloging all my books and rating them. If you’re a member of Goodreads, hit me up! I want to see what you are reading!

Also, considering a foray into PaperBackSwap. I am afraid i will be addicted. Also find that maybe the input of the ISBN numbers might be a little cumbersome. Wish they would somehow integrate with Goodreads. . . .

In other book news, I’m getting ready to start reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society for my book club. Very excited. Looks great, despite the stupid title.

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  • I do Paperback Swap and I like it a lot. However, they never have new popular titles, and that’s kind of annoying.

    I liked Guernsey, etc….I suggest you read The Book Thief for your book club. Damn, that was a good book – definitely the best I’ve read this year.

    I’ll check out Goodreads.

  • Love paper back swap so far. Easy. Entered my 10 books to get 2 credits and requested books that came real quick. Have received 3 requests… 2 were our book club books! And 1 baby book. I buy the postage on their site so you get your credit for sending instantly.

    Im so behind on everything so no issues finding books to choose from.

  • Oh, heck, Lyle! I had no idea. Have to go check it out. . . Have you used it?

    Nikki, The Book Thief is on my list.

    Now I might have to try the Goodreads bookswap, first.

    Will report back!

  • I have sent off five books now, but have not yet requested any of the books on my wishlist. I’m so far behind on reading books I already own that I don’t really need to acquire any more at the moment. ;)

  • i just signed in with bookswap, but no books I want are available– and they’re not all new/super popular. I have this sinking feeling I am going to send a ton of books out and get nothing back. Anybody had luck finding books there?

  • Lyle, I’m the same. Big pile lying around that I am afraid I will never get to.

    Katharine, you never know. Did you try the Goodreads swap? Maybe there will be other stuff there, too.

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