Cecil Off Bypass

Thank god. They had to do two grafts (bypasses) and they said they were finishing up and would be done in about 30 minutes. Doctor is supposed to come talk to us.

Did I mention that the Doctor is Lebanese? Cecil did his usual slight accent when he talked to the doctor Tuesday. He doesn’t realize he is doing this, but he picks up and mimics the accents of people he talks to. It is really funny and also embarrassing.

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2 Responses to “Cecil Off Bypass”

  1. Jason Hatfield says:

    Anne – good to hear that he’s nearly out of surgery. I’m sure everything went very well.

    The accent mimicking thing is very funny. I do it a good bit myself (without realizing it), usually in an ethnic restaurant, which Jennifer hates. Nothing like ordering cheese dip with a Mexican accent…


  2. Jason says:

    My dad does that, too. Absolutely hilarious!

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