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Todd and I have really been recycling like crazy this year, and it is amazing how much we have reduced the amount of crap in the trash. I get absolutely giddy when I fill up my composting bin and take it out and dump it on the pile. I know. Glamorous and exciting life I lead here.

It is also amazing how annoyed i am starting to get with packaging that can’t be recycled. The packaging on Christmas morning was just disgusting. Can’t someone figure out a way to recycle that thin plastic glass-like window stuff in toy boxes? What about the detestable dark gray or black rectangle doodads that protect the cardboard from the very annoying plastic-coated doodadders that tie dolls and toys into the cardboard boxes? The inventor of those two items should be shot, just on principle. Kids toys should rattle around in their boxes like they did when I was a kid! No one should need a damn sledgehammer and crowbar to open a monster truck or a Dora.

Anyway, I thought my friend Dan’s wife came up with a great idea: Homemade, reusable fabric gift bags. Not that I would in any way be capable of making one of these bags, but for those crafty types out there (Nikki?), thought you might be interested.

Also, if i used one, my dead grandma Palmer would rise right up out of her grave, walk all the way here from Savannah, and whack me over the head with her purse, just for thinking of robbing my children of the joy of ripping open some gift paper at Christmas.

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  • Word. Not only is all the new packaging an enormous waste (I saw this great/terrible documentary about ocean pollution and how it all ends up choking helpless birds way out in the Pacific and that is what I think of every single time I see a small piece of plastic now) but it makes it excruciating for a kid waiting for you to wrestle the damn thing from its plastic prison.

  • Agreed on all. Let’s not foget how bad your fingers hurt from all the damn twist ties that run through the plastic rectangle doo dads!

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