This is Your Chance

Okay, so since i have started running, a number of people who don’t run have asked me about how I got started, how hard it is, and a few have even expressed interest in trying it. More often, though, people seem interested, but when i tell them “you could totally do this!” they say,
“No, i could never run 13 miles, or 6 miles, or 3 miles.” Some of them say they could never run a mile.

I understand this. For me, running is 10 percent actual effort, and about 30 percent sticking to a training plan, and 60 percent mental. The mental part consists of coaxing myself off the couch, and saying, “Okay, I just have to do three miles. I know I can at least WALK three miles, so i might as well do that. That counts.” And that is, seriously, how I get myself out there. And sometimes, I surprise myself, and it is really easy, and I run the whole distance. Other times, it is not easy, and I walk parts, but i always finish the distance. And even when I walk part of it, I never regret getting out there and doing it.

People ask me how i ever got started. I started the way all people i know started. I started small. I started with a Couch-to-5K plan. Those are plans specifically for people who have been sitting on their ass watching too much The Hills, or playing nothing but World of Warcraft for two years straight, while drinking cases of beer, or drinking a bottle of wine a night. I know that’s what they were doing, because that’s what I was doing, too. And I still finished a half-marathon on Thanksgiving day. But i started small, and if you are looking to do something similar, you can too.

What am i getting at? This.

My friend Steph is a great runner. She is modest and will deny this, but she is fast and also a triathlete. Even athletes get injuries, though, and she is back at square one after an injury. She is starting a 5k plan at the very beginning; She is in the baby steps, walking stages. And she is trying to sign up recruits to do her plan with her.

She and Natalie, at The Negative Split, were my inspiration for getting into running. And if you really want to do it, you could follow along with Steph. She has 12 people doing the plan with her, and they come from all different levels. She has injured runners, beginners, and folks who used to run but haven’t for years. They are all joining her in the plan.

You don’t have to run with them, although i am sure they would love to have you. You could follow along with the plan and check in with her weekely. Steph is positive, inspiring, and a great coach. You could do worse than having her for a trainer.

If you are thinking about starting running, shoot her an email. I bet you would never regret it. This is your chance.

Update: Not sure what is up with Nat’s site. . .


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