Tag: Reasons for Not Running

What is the Point?

I have been a little down lately. Might be the weather, or hormones (bitches!). I really wanted to go to the lake this weekend and the weather was awful, so we ditched the idea and stayed home. The kids were kind of driving me crazier, and everything and everyone were kind of getting on my nerves, for simply existing. I… Read more →


Still Chugging Along

So, keeping up with my NaNoWriMo goals is definitely impacting my blogging. (Although it does not seem to have made any impact on my Facebooking.) But i am totally caught up on my word count so far, at day 6 of November. Yay me! Even if I weren’t to write another lick the rest of the month, the progress I… Read more →

Yay Me!

I learned how to tie an underwriter’s knot today and rewired an old lamp I found in Pop’s shed. Yay me! It’s a cool Art Deco (I think) lamp with a silver ballet dancer and a black squarish-cornered Empire State Building looking base. It’s a little beat up, but still pretty cool. Gotta get a shade for it, but then… Read more →