Daily Terror

I am not as bad as they say i am.

I am not as bad as they say i am.

This is my nephew Dash. He is laying on the couch with the dog that I refer to as “The Jack Russell Terror.” My sister went to the Atlanta Humane Society and said, “Give me the worst dog in here!” Then, she asked me what I thought, and i said, “Great choice!” And now we are stuck with her badness.

Emily (the dog’s given name) is so bad that she can jump over our chain link fence. When she stays at our house, we have to put one of those bolts into the ground and chain her to it. Back off Peta – she gets daily walks or runs when she is with us and doesn’t spend long on the chain. When I run with her, by the way, i am sure it looks something like it would look if I tried to run while holding an angry cat in a box. The alternative would be to let her run loose and possibly be hit by a car, which I may say i want to happen, but I don’t really want to happen, as i am a big softie. She is so damn smart, though, that she learned to dig up the stake, and run around the neighborhood with a chain and a bolt dragging behind her. Then we tried a cement block as the “stake.” Nope, she just kept on jumping and jumping against the chain until the cement block was moved gradually across the yard and she had jumped over the fence. (Luckily with enough slack in the line to land unchoked on the other side.) I came out the door and looked over and she was sitting, wagging her tail, pleased as punch with herself on my side of the fence.

People, this dog is B-A-D bad.

The funny thing, though, is that as soon as the sun goes down, she seems to just fall out wherever she is, exhausted by the ever-constant movement of each of her days.  After the sun goes down, the Terror goes to sleep. She cuddles on the couch. She does not chew, or bark, or chase my cats. She is sweet.

Okay, so that is your dog story for the day. Now i will have to write up something about all the other family pets, or they will be jealous. So, basically, don’t read Dogwood Girl for the next week if you aren’t a pet lover, or don’t have a fetish for cat ladies.

Oh, and I will be gone this weekend. All weekend. No kids. Only chicks. In a cabin. In the mountains. Sunny and nice weather. Unlimited provisions.

Yes, I am excited. This ain’t gonna be no Girls Gone Mild.

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  1. Lee Lee says:

    I love it when you write about my terrorist. She really is so bad but I love her so much. That is actually a kind of old pic, I’ll have to take a pic of Dash pulling on her ears and laughing. Very cute.

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