Dear Santa

Todd and I have been enjoying the advent of the Christmas holidays, because this is the first year that Rollie has really started to get the concept of Santa Claus. Although he is still a little confused. Yesterday, when we talked about it, I asked him if he knew about Santa and he said, “Yes, he comes in? And he goes into the fireplace?”

Close enough.

While we were eating Thanksgiving dinner, Rollie, Matilda, and our friend Kate’s daughter, Laura Catheryne, were running around in their diapers. (It is a laid-back family we have here.) Todd and I were telling my parents and Kate about our discussions with Rollie about writing to Santa to tell him what he wants for Christmas. Todd decided to illustrate this by example.

Todd: “Rollie, come here. Remember how we talked about writing a letter to Santa to tell him what we want for Christmas?”

Rollie [Obviously brightening at the mention of Claus:] “Yep!”

Todd: “What do you think you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?”

Rollie: “Pants.”

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