Guilty Admission

I have a confession to make. Last night, when we were doing the usual spooning, foreplay, married sex thing, I couldn’t help feeling guilty. I just couldn’t stop thinking about this. I felt so guilty for enjoying every second of that video, huddled by the laptop with my headphones on, trying to conceal the irrepressible smile on my face, guilty for thinking that “Welcome to the Jungle” was pure genius, and how great is it that it lasted so long that they had to use the extended version?

Know what is better than an orgasm? Seeing Brandon Cox thrown down, and him getting up and losing his cool.

I am so sorry, baby. I had to say it.

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  • Since when did you start liking football there Annieboo? I’m betting Todd broke you. HA! Taste it. Hope all is well. 8-)

  • Zach! What’s up? Honey and I were just talking about you this weekend.

    Concerning football, you know how my parents are, so I guess I am just going back to my roots. I tried to deny my football heritage and it has come back to haunt me. Plus, if I didn’t get into it, Saturdays would be damn boring during football season. Finally, football games are a good excuse to drink during the day, and they are kid-friendly.

    Don’t be a stranger, okay? E me and let me know what’s up with you.

  • Glad you enjoyed the video…Although maybe you enjoyed it a bit too much :-)

    Go Dawgs!

  • OB! Thanks for checking in – Yes, I enjoyed the video. Looking forward to one on Sunday, okay?

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