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Grief and Guilt

Grief is a funny thing. You think you have a handle on it, then it washes anew over you, catching you at the moment you least expect it. I finished up my breakfast, then brushed my teeth. Ready for my run, I headed for the hooks in the kitchen where we hang everything: Totes, my Grandma Palmer’s aprons, keys, hats,… Read more →


The Blazer Assuages Guilt

After my post on Wednesday, I started thinking: Wow, my husband might not be so jazzed about my discussing past smooches on my website, now that I am like a married woman and supposedly-upstanding citizen. It also occurred to me that the cheated-on ex might read that lovely little tidbit, but i am assuming that there is some kind of… Read more →

Guilty Admission

I have a confession to make. Last night, when we were doing the usual spooning, foreplay, married sex thing, I couldn’t help feeling guilty. I just couldn’t stop thinking about this. I felt so guilty for enjoying every second of that video, huddled by the laptop with my headphones on, trying to conceal the irrepressible smile on my face, guilty… Read more →