How Do You Achieve a Peaceful Holiday Season with Kids?

Am I the only one that thinks much of the Christmas season sucks ass now that I have kids? Sure, as long as I am stuffing them full of sugar and butter products, and when they are opening gifts, they are having a blast. The rest of the time? They are just whining about things they want, want, want.

Am I doing something wrong? We’ve given to multiple charities, donated toys to needy children, and our kids know about it and why we are doing it.

We don’t go crazy with gifts, and in fact, my kids get way less than most children I know.

I spend time with them, wrapping gifts, singing Christmas carols in the car (a once a year thing, really, as I force them to listen to decent music in the car all other times of the year – it is for their own good in the long run), making cookies, filling the birdfeeders together (birdies need yummy Christmas food too!), etc.

So what am I doing wrong? Is it just normal to feel like a failure as a parent this time of year? It never felt this stressful before kids. Am I asking too much of them, at 7 and 5 years of age, to understand how very and truly lucky they are to be born in this time, in this country, to well-educated and loving parents? (I know that it is not something they can really comprehend. It was, like, rhetorical and stuff.)

If you are able to have a peaceful season with your kids, please share with the class. Because i am feeling like a complete failure.


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  1. Fred Paynter says:

    I F*&^%$# hate little kids. Is that so wrong? Puking, Shitting, Pink eye, Piss, Pneumonia. My car crashed two weeks ago and got sent to Japan for scrap metal.

  2. It’s normal for kids to want want want at this time of year. That’s what their friends do and what they see on TV. A little bit of this is understandable. Regardless, having a 5 minute heart to heart talk may do some good.

    If you’d like, you can go to one of my recent blogs called Appreciating Christmas. Maybe an idea in it will help. Regardless, all the best and Merry Christmas!!!


  3. Becky says:

    There’s a little whining here, but I have dream child.

    She figures whatever she didn’t get for Christmas will show up for her birthday in a few weeks. Maybe that’s how we avoid it?

  4. Dogwood Girl says:

    Thanks, Clay – good advice!

    Becky, your child sounds lovely. I also have a January birthday, but i was never a “dream child.”

    Freddy, I feel your pain – hope it is all getting better soon.

  5. I hear you Anne…I let the kids help me in the kitchen this morning, had a cake to bake, two dip recipes to make. What I could have done in 30 minutes took 3 hours. And of course they only want to do the good parts, the cracking of the eggs, licking of the beaters. God forbid I ask them to dry a dish! And yes, we are full of whining and “I want” over here as well. And the ever present “It’s not fair!!” . Taking the Parenting with Love and Logic class has helped. But really, I am ready to sell all three of them to the gypsies.

  6. Becky says:

    There’s always the classic “Mommy doesn’t hear you when you whine”.

    Mostly, I try to keep her occupied with playdates.

  7. Lanae says:

    Found you on Bloggy Moms. Nice to find a blog about a variety of topics! Check out my blog sometime at Looking forward to more of your posts!!

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