I Did It

I survived. Swim was fine, but different than i thought it would be. Bike was hard as hell. Run was a breeze. Not that I ran fast, but it seemed way shorter than a 5k. I had my wonderful husband and kids to cheer me on and other friends (both old and new) there running theirs for the first time, too. I had the pleasure of seeing a friend show up just because. That meant a lot.

It was nice to put my mind to something and then accomplish it. It was nice to have so many people cheering me on.

Full race report when I have not had five beers and am not exhausted. Going to take a hot bath, while drinking a beer, and reading vampire novel.

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  • super congrats. i did one in colorado awhile back and wish i could again. however the systematic breakdown of my body has begun and i am just happy to to go work everyday. which is pretty physical in itself. climbing on roofs, under houses, through attics, finding guns, drugs and dildos. all in a day’s work.

    way to go!

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