My Free Stuff Haul

So, i like estate sales. Mostly, i dig old stuff. (Nikki, I know you’re with me.) I also love to dig through other people’s stuff. It’s a sickness. A goatman sickness.

I dropped Tills off at school last Friday, and it was supposed to snow that afternoon, and it was colder than a well-digger’s you-know-what, but I just couldn’t help it when i saw that sweet, sweet poster board with “Estate Sale” on it. I had to drop in.

They had some decent stuff, like the dollar Vince Dooley print I bought as a housewarming gift for my Daddy, and the awesome bird pillows (Yellow Warbler and Towhee!) But it was those magic words that really drew me in.


As in, “Honey, you can have anything in that backyard you want for free. You just have to haul it off.

These words would strike fear in the heart of Todd if he heard them uttered in front of me. Me? I took it as a dare.

So, here I am in the low-30s weather, out in some stranger’s backyard, fighting an older Italian woman for garden ornaments. Luckily, our tastes really didn’t meet anywhere in the middle, so we were able to divvy up everything out there in about one minute, then we started figuring out how the heck we were going to get it out to our cars.

Those suckers were heavy.

I ended up having to go home, get a wheelbarrow, bring it back and get Todd to meet me during lunch to help me and Pina (my Italian buddy). He is a good husband. He puts up with me, and my junk problem, and he even enables, er, supports me in the endeavor. Most of the time, anyway.

This is what we got:

There is also a plant hook thing (one of those metal things you stick in the ground with two hooks, for holding hanging baskets or bird feeders), a beat up birdhouse, and a folk-arty looking set of wind chimes. Yeah!

Since then, I also went to my parents, where they gave me one of my grandfather’s old clocks (Pop collected clocks), Grandma’s old bread box (white-painted metal with a red trim – so cute!), and an old handmade rolling pin. (Yes, Annelle, I bake. Once a year. Christmas cookies.)

I think Todd’s patience is wearing thin. I better put all this stuff away before I bring anymore in. Wish me luck.

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5 Responses to “My Free Stuff Haul”

  1. Great post, free stuff is always the best. Todd is a good husband to enable, er, I mean support you….

  2. Nikki says:

    I love those pillows! Anything with birds…I am happy to report Piper has inherited my yard/estate sale obsession. Brian can’t stand it, but at least I have someone willing to go with me – even if she is 6. And she loves old junk as much as I do! You should see the orange parasol she picked up last year. I’ll send you a photo.

  3. Dogwood Girl says:

    Brian, Shmian! Piper knows what’s up!

    Yes, the bird pillows were v. exciting. Love the parasol.

  4. leelee says:

    Love the bird pillows…can’t believe they gave those up!!!

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