Rhyme Time

Rollie is learning to sound out words, and even recognizes some on sight (like “Max” on the boat in Where the Wild Things Are), and it is fascinating to talk about words and letters and languages and sounds and to see how his brain is grasping things. Today on the way to school, he asked me “What rhymes with caution?” I was stumped. I told him,
“Um, okay, you stumped Mama. I can’t think of one. Give me another.”

“How about ‘mailbox.”

Geez, kid, I’ve only had one cup of coffee! I decided to pull a Seuss.

“Snailfox rhymes with mailbox.”

In the rearview, I could see Rollie looking at me with suspicion. Parenting is hard.

Bonus: One smartypants point for each real word you come up with that rhymes with caution or mailbox. . . .

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