Roiling the Waters

I find it scary, the way that my brain works. I woke up this morning, after having some really wild dreams. Dreams with people I haven’t seen in years, mixed in with my friends and family of today. How can my subconscious dig up things that I had dealt with and forgotten years ago, and switch them all around into some crazy movie slash horror film in my head? Brain, you don’t even get all of the details right. And yet, here I sit today, feeling a little shell-shocked, and a lot sad, and really melancholy. It rains outside, and thunders, and I listen to music that wasn’t even part of the soundtrack of that past landscape. I try to figure out why I am feeling down, and I realize it is because I made myself feel this way, by dreaming things that never happened.

What is it that I am trying to work out? Because I wasn’t even aware there was anything to work out.

Dream Annie, go to hell for roiling the waters and making me sad. I am fine. Why can’t you leave it be?

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  • Sorry your bad dreams made you sad. That has happened to me too.

    The church league soccer is only $50. What a deal!

  • Yeah, i have had dreams that left me angry before, but not ones that were this sad, and just left me feeling empty. Silly to let it affect my day. And my day did get better.

    And yeah, our soccer is way more affordable. The baseball just seems ridiculous!

    Jason, I am sorry that you are so jealous of my extensive and varied vocabulary. Hang out with me. You might pick a little something up here and there.

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