Rollie, Vampire Slayer

So, yesterday after school, Rollie told Todd that he wanted him to wake him up at Midnight. Todd asked why. Rollie said that he had plans to meet his friend Tony at the school cafeteria at Midnight. When pressed for an answer as to why, Rollie declined to answer.
Last night, after Todd and I had tucked both kids into bed and were sitting on the couch, when Rollie came back downstairs. We fully prepared to fight him to go back to bed, but he said he just wanted to make sure that Daddy was going to wake him at Midnight.
Obviously, no one is going to wake anyone up at Midnight unless the house is on fire.
Fast forward to this morning. Rollie wanted to know why Daddy didn’t wake him at Midnight. Todd told him that he tried to wake him, but Rollie did not want to get up.
Yes, sometimes you have to lie to your children. Yes, you do.
Finally, on the way to school, Rollie gave up the full story:

It appears that Tony has a vampire in his closet.

This vampire in his closet only Tony can see. But the vampire got out and escaped to the school. So, now there is a vampire at school. Tony sees the vampire at school, standing behind other people, and he tells those people. The other day, he told Rollie that the vampire was standing behind him. Of course, Rollie can’t see, hear, or feel the vampire, but I guess he and Tony are tight and he takes Tony’s word for it.

So, it seems that Tony and Rollie hatched a plan to meet at the school cafeteria at midnight to figure out how to get rid of the vampire.

Awesome. Rollie, Vampire Slayer. (Probably more like the Frog brothers.)

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